Hi Guys,

i woke up with an entirely diff outfit in mind to wear to church yesterday and as i had a wedding reception to attend afterwards, i was hoping to get home for a quick change of outfit and head out ASAP. But that was certainly not the case. I woke up late and was in a mighty rush to make my intended service. I literally just went with the flow and allow the skater skirt inspire the rest of the look bearing in mind that a change of outfit wont be possible at the rate my day was going…but it turned out pretty cool.







I had a lovely weekend and the wedding reception was blissful…




Sunday Shenanigans

Hi Guys,

hope you all had a Fabtastic Sunday. Every other sunday my darling Tintin (thesohosister.com) and i always dine out for lunch and this sunday we decided to go to this little gem tucked in a tiny street in knightsbridge.IMG_4544






IMG_4658The food was an absolute delight and the restaurant was clean simple and elegant. I only managed to take just one picture in the restaurant for the fear of looking like a random freshie in a somewhat posh restaurant lol. However i would recommend this restaurant to anyone.


PS i still love my orange Zara jacket, 2years on it still looks as fabulous as the first day i found it.



A Belle of a day…

Hello guys,

it was 20 degrees on Wednesday and I had a lot to do. So I decided to dress for the weather but still look a tad bit smart. I spent half of my day in a film studio with my wonderful friend Baba Agba who is a photographer and now a film maker. We were working on an advert for my T-shirt line Mr Garbe (not to worry a well detailed post about MR Garbe will be up soon). It was super cool as i was the director on set…  cant wait for you guys to see the result. A Belle of a day




As most of my friends know i never take myself too seriously. After the shoot we decided to have a break and here i am with my wonderful little friend Toyin. She’s more like sister to be honest, messing around like we always do. She has an awesome blog and a mega style crush on me lol (don’t tell her i said that) but you guys really should check out her blog http://www.thesohosister.com_MG_4396


It was such a beautiful and productive day. The best part was the fact that I spent the day working and hanging out with people who mean a lot to me as friends and family, I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful day


Noir et Blanc

Hi guys,

Last week I fell in love, it was the kind of love you know it is definitely unshakable and real. there was no ifs or buts,  ‘oohs’ or ‘ahs’. it was a yes! I have to have you and after running helter skelter all around the west end in London to find you, you came home with me.

Guys words cannot explain how much I love my Leather biker jacket from the recent icons collection from H&M. Believe me when I say at a 100 quid for a 100 percent leather, it wasn’t a bargain it was broad daylight robbery Lol.

Okay I will stop being dramatic but I really have to stress how amazing this leather jacket is.









The cut is superb, like it’s a perfect fit no long arm nonsense as H&M usually does….will blame that on their Scandinavian heritage. and the design is just simple and fabulous.

I must warn you guys before hand as i will be wearing this jacket every chance i get this summer and beyond so expect more cameos from my lovely little gem on my blog.



Its an Orange Culture Thing…

Hello Guys,

Last Sunday was absolutely wonderful and perfect for me to wear one of my favourite trousers…



The trouser is by one of my very good friend who is also a designer. The name of his Label is Orange culture and  its menswear. it’s basically a mix of urban eclecticism and bohemian glamour. Although the trousers are mens,  I couldn’t help myself, I had to have it and I am sure I will be raiding the orange culture wardrobe in the nearest future because it is absolutely FABULOUS!




I totally pledge my allegiance to Orange Culture and so should you




Belle of a day…

Hi Guys,

Apologies for the lack of posts as i have been super busy over the past few months and i cant wait to share the news with you guys in due time. But today i shall be writing the usual outfit of the day post. 🙂


The weather has been so horrible to us in London its been unimaginable. Its been weirdly and freakishly cold for the past couple of months that one had to wonder if we would ever have spring this year…so you can imagine the joy and excitement when i looked out my window and i saw the sun shining down ever so beautifully on my city.

Today i Kept the outfit really simple with my Zara jacket i bought last summer, Zara Leggings, Ken Saro Wiwa Tee which is available www.mrgarbe.com and Raybans wayfarers to seal the look.

IMG_9832 IMG_9836 IMG_9830

If you live in London i hope you had a belle of a day as i did…

ps check out the little girl who unconsciously photo bombed my photograph. Her face, priceless lol.




Fashion week shenanigans.

last weekend, i attended the woven threads exhibition which is one of the international showcase for London Fashion Week.. This look was totally last minute.com but i think i pulled it off. The hat i have one is the newest addition to my collection and i love it very much. IMG_3820 IMG_3825 IMG_3833x


Sunday Flow…

Hi guys,

its yet another sunday and its pretty cold in London town as always. My outfit wasn’t totally planned but i was so eager to wear my new wedged boots and the rest of the ensemble fell into place. The shoes are Stuart Weitzerman for Russell and Bromley, i got them on sale for £49 from a whooping £245. Guess you can understand my excitement a wee bit.

Image 9 Image 4 Image 7 Image 14 Image 2 Image 10 Image 11 Image 8 Image 15Church service was absolutely fantastic today, the message was simple and apt. If you are Christian, no matter where you find yourself always be a team player and not the critic. There is love in unity and there is only one Body of Christ. So no matter how dire the situation, there is strength in perseverance.

have a wonderful week guys




Lets talk Spring :)

As we are getting close to bidding the cold blistering winter goodbye and embracing the sunshine and all the frivolity it brings, I wanted to share with you guys my favourite runway looks for spring/summer 2012, why i love them so much and most importantly get your wardrobe fashion savvy for the forthcoming season.

Diane von Furstenberg

“Some fairy tales end with the girl marrying the prince… some start there.” So read the quote at the top of the program notes for Diane von Furstenberg‘s Spring show, i love this collection the colours print and patterns screams a mature bohemian woman. I did not want to bore you guys with the whole collection but here are my favourite pieces from show.

20130206-003744.jpg 20130206-003755.jpgEmilio Pucci

When you think of an Emilio Pucci design, you think exotic prints and patterns that ooze louche, loud and bold pieces.But this was not really the case for spring/summer 2013

The designer, who was not shy about using the occasional military reference as well as traditional Asian motifs, showed bomber jackets (some embroidered with the house logo), sheer veiling, tattoo embroideries. It was pretty obvious where the designer; Peter Dundas majorly looked to Vietnam for inspiration.

20130206-005005.jpg 20130206-005107.jpg 20130206-005133.jpg 20130206-005145.jpgFendi

Well according to Fendi, “There are no machines; it’s all by hand.” This unique feature was obvious in the coats composed of fur or fabric. Furthermore the collection was seamless. Instead of stictching some kind of electrical welding was used for the collection which guaranteed that the leathers and fantastic crocodile napas looked feather-lightThe collection looks fun, playful yet elegant, effortless yet smart. This is definitely for the grown and sexy woman who loves to have fun but is still every bit the boss lady in her daily life.

20130206-005159.jpg 20130206-005208.jpg 20130206-005217.jpg 20130206-005233.jpg Haider Ackermann

Haider Ackermann is well-known for  his lavish, layered silhouettes; and his evocative runway shows. Ackermann employed graphic, geometric prints and a stricter palette mostly black, white, and navy.IT is so easy to fall in love with all his pieces and chose favourites.

I know which ones i love x.

20130206-005250.jpg 20130206-005256.jpg 20130206-005309.jpg Jean Paul Gaultier

The show was a fabulous cabaret; the clothes were a homage to all the pop stars of the eighties.

Gaultier’s tribute to the eighties opened with Grace Jones,  Annie Lennox ,Madonna and Boy George…The show was more entertaining than what most ready to wear shows would offer as i am sure no one in the right senses would go out in a coned bra and fishnet tights in this day and age. Although it still had some seriously high fashion suits and black dresses that would fit right in on a red carpet.

20130206-005342.jpg 20130206-005350.jpg 20130206-005403.jpg 20130206-005411.jpg 20130206-005418.jpg 20130206-005441.jpg Dries Van Noten

 Van Noten’s mostly known for his explorative, seductive investigation of the masculine/feminine dynamic which is the foundation of his aesthetic. This season, that dynamic was completely integrated with silks; organza, taffeta and lame.

This is my favourite collection for this season. It borderlines between androgyny and femininity. It’s like a the wardrobe of a teenage tomboy who is about to turn 21 and discovers how to balance who she is with how she should look.

20130206-012919.jpg 20130206-012929.jpg 20130206-012937.jpg 20130206-012948.jpgWell, that’s all I for have you guys. Remember these are my favourite looks for spring summer and they will be my mood board for my wardrobe for spring.

I am very sure some of this will creep up the trend radar soon.

Would love to know what you guys think and most importantly what your favourite spring summer 2013 shows are.

let’s have a discussion people!


images are from style.com


Sunday flow…

Hi guys,

The weather was so pretty today i and i really didnt feel like  wearing a coat or dressing for the cold so i decided to wear one of my favourite mens jumper i got from Zara 2 seasons ago. I never really thought an asymmetrical skirt and wedge trainers would work well together till i tried it on and it totally did. Image 3Image 5Image 15 Image 22I hope you guys had a wonderful sunday…

Have a great week ahead.



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