Yet another black and white ensemble

Hi Guys,

Another sunday, yet another black and white ensemble… I have officially accepted the fact that this summer has been a mainly a summer of black and white for me. I just love the simplicity that comes with both hues and it’s a reflection of my being and nature at the moment as well. Life is so much easier when you keep it simple.









I am sure my knack for colourful ensembles will be back once its autumn/winter as nothing beats bright colours for me on a grey wintry afternoon.

Weird? i know, i am special like that…

IMG_7404Oh and i braided my hair, thought i needed a change. You like?




6 Comments on “Yet another black and white ensemble

  1. I am in love with your shorts. They are very retro because of the print, it reminds me of diners with rolling skates. But they are very modern too because of the way you styled them and the colorful drawstrings.
    I would really love if you could check out my blog too. Thanks in advance.

    • I also used to wear my hair like that in the summer so it was easier to handle and deal with in the pool. Is your hair naturally that long or did you get more braided in?

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