All work and little play

Hi Guys,

I am super sorry I haven’t been as active as I should be on my blog but I do hae a very good reason. I have been working my little but off on and other little projects you all will hear of pretty soon. So all that said the next 2 posts on the blog will give you an insight into what we get up to in the studio when filming an episode of
In the images below I am wearing a jersey dress from Topshop which I absolutely love. The jersey feels good on the skin, the extrude is perfect; not too light which reduces the chance of it being see through and not to heavy so it isn’t a nightmare to wear and reduces the chances or the dreaded armpit sweat. And at 26 quid it’s an absolute bargain

My shoes are Stuart Weitzerman and Necklace is from Dorothy Perkins…





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