Camo Swag.

Camouflage print  is one trend that has insidiously crept into season and I think it is ok for me to suggest that it is uber cool to be seen wearing an item of camouflage clothing.


I bought my vintage camouflage jacket for 20 pounds on ebay and it is the exact same one you’ll find in urban outfitters (men’s section for twice the price). I love my jacket very much and works well as both a smart or  casual jacket. today’s look was smart casual and  I couldn’t help but rock out in my lovely new jacket.Would love to know what you guys think and how you would style up your camouflage piece too.


Shoes: Gucci, Bag: Gucci

Choker: H&M, Ring: Toshop

Skirt: H&M

Denim Shirt: Topshop

 PS: A massive shout out to Vintej-merch for the oh so lovely shades.

if you love them on me as much as i do and/or you’re a big fan of really awesome vintage pieces look no further than Vintej-merch on asos market place.


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